When we first started Skillet, we received a request for a work proposal from two Vermont women running a small food company out of their home kitchens. The company made high-protein snack cakes and gluten-free snack cake mixes in four flavors—banana chocolate chip, pumpkin spice, decadent brownie, and apple ginger. From the start, we knew it would be a fun project! For one, we loved the bars and mixes—delicious and packed with protein, healthy whole grains and fiber—and, we did not see any other companies giving customers the capability to bake their own energy bars at home.

The project began as a brand redesign and grew into a full-fledged design and marketing pcampaign. At the end of one year of hard work and collaboration, the company, Wholesome Cravings, unvieled a new brand, product packaging, sell sheets and other sales and trade-show collateral, a new website with a blog, all new product shots and a brand-new social-media presence. In addition, the company added a new flavor—Caramel Apple—and a tagline, “You can have your craving and eat it too!”

Phew! What a busy year.

Take a look at how the packaging has evolved. It is bright, cheery and inviting, and the angel-devil logo helps to cheekily emphasize the idea that Wholesome Cravings bars are healthy, delicious and indulgent. The products let us give into the angel and devil inside all of us when that mid-afternoon snack craving comes along.

In addition to the packaging, we helped Wholesome Cravings reach out to local and regional media and to bloggers interested in covering all-natural foods, gluten-free news and products. The company is gradually building relationships with the media and continues to gain exposure. They have increased “Likes” in Facebook and continue to get out on the road, doing product demos all over Vermont. This spring, Wholesome Cravings participated in its first international trade show—the Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington, D.C.—where they got fantastic feedback on their new look.

Perhaps most important, the company has almost doubled the number of store locations that carry its products.
We are very proud of the work that Wholesome Cravings and Skillet were able to accomplish. By establishing a clear, focused message with compelling design, we feel confident that they are on the path to success.