If we have a passion for anything here at Skillet, it’s good food, wine and the great outdoors! In this year’s gift guide, our Marketing Team has compiled a list of their holiday must-haves for the foodie or adventurer in your life (even if they’re four-legged…). 

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Nicole (Owner & Marketing Director)

Best Food Writing 2015

I have loved collecting these books over the years and sharing them as gifts. They are a wonderful collection of some of the best food articles written each year. The stories can be short while others are longer and more in-depth pieces; it’s the perfect combination in a book for when you have a few minutes to spare or an hour.

Chocolate Bars from Mayana Chocolate

These bars are honestly to die for. The Heavens to Bacon Bar is out of this world. The description always makes me chuckle, “this bar may induce unicorn sightings…” Or try the Kitchen Sink Bar, you’ll get a little bit of everything (hence the name) to indulge your sweet tooth.

 Vintage Blue Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

When working in the kitchen, it seems like I wash my hands about 100 times. So why not have the soap dispenser be something to admire? I love these blue mason jars! I would definitely add a second one for lotion too.

Deniz (Social Media Manager + Videographer)

Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-lock Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock Protector

Growing up in Vermont, Ben & Jerry’s is religion: and I, a devoted disciple. For years now I’ve maintained a strong faith in the power of delicious, non-GMO sourced ice-cream to heal any wounds and celebrate all victories. The problem is, many others agree. Too many. This pint lock protector will keep your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream (Candy Bar Pie, thank you very much) safe from craving crooks and sticky-fingers.

L.L. Bean White Mountain Pack

33 days in Europe, 13 cities walked, 6 countries explored, countless hostels/futons/sleepless nights and one backpack. This pack quite literally stored everything I held dear (pillowcases + trinkets included) for five weeks, as three amigas took the advice of every cliche post-grad-to-do article and travelled Europe. It’s spacious, well-compartmentalized and dare I say, stylish? Ok, ok… for a young backpacker, it was.

Boyden Valley Big Barn Red

After one too many bottles of wine at a family New Years “party” in 2012, I’ve been hesitant to dive head first into another glass of Bordeaux. That is, until I discovered Boyden Valley’s Big Barn Red. Many recommendations lead me to this well-known blend, and it did not disappoint. The Green Mountain state may be famous for it’s brews, but it’s wines like this that truly delight.

Max (Official Skillet Mascot & Cheerleader)

Andy’s Dandys Gourmet Pet Treats

Woof! I may be Skillet’s “official” mascot, but I’m also Andy’s Dandys biggest fan on four legs! Seriously, I am completely obsessed with their home-made, locally-sourced and utterly drool-worthy ingredients. Not only does Andy’s work hard to share their love of wholesome pet desserts, but their mission is just as sweet! Their goal is to provide jobs and real-work based skills to adults with special needs – many who work at the bakery to whip up these delicious goodies! Personally, my favorite flavor is the Cinnamon Peanut treat, but I may be biased…

The Eureka! Apex 2XT Tent Eureka!

If you asked my mom, Nicole, about my favorite hobbies – she’d probably give you this list: long strolls along the waterfront, stealing empty yogurt containers from the recycling and (drumroll, please…) exploring the great outdoors! I’m a lucky dog to live in Vermont, where I can adventure to my heart’s content. I’m crossing my paws that this super-awesome tent will be sitting under the Christmas tree this year, so I can finally join in on all the fun! I sure wouldn’t mind being in the dog-house then…