What trends sizzled at the Summer Fancy Food Show? We rounded up some of our top picks and featured the brands. You can watch our #SSFS17 video to see the top trends.


Alternative oils and flours are making big headlines as consumers look for creative solutions in their kitchens.

Top trending brands in Alternative Oils & Flours: Lesley Elizabeth Inc., Hammons, Primal Kitchen, NUCO, Chosen Foods, Hudson Valley, The Truffleist, Otto’s, Bob’s Red Mill, and Wrapioca.


Ginger continues to make a splash as more companies find unique ways to use this versatile root. This Summer Fancy Food Show also featured a large variety of water sourced from trees. Move over Maple Water…here comes Birch Water.

Brands Bringing Beverages to a Whole New Level: Asarasi, Treo, Alo, Sap!, Sapp, The Hudson Standard, The Great Jamaican, GUS, Tippleman’s, and Bantam Bevy.


There is no doubt that we are a snacking nation. Further proof of consumer’s interest in quick and healthy snacks lies in the increase in small-sized snack-packs throughout today’s specialty food market.

Best Brands Fueling Snack Time: JC’s Pie Bites, Skinny Dipped, TK, Busseto Foods, Peanut Butter & Co., and My/Mo.


The authentic flavors of street food are marketing their way to more mainstream consumers as food lovers continue to swap their classic at-home recipes for more eclectic meal options in an effort to satisfy diverse tastebuds.

Brands Full of Flavor: Frontera, Cafe Spice, and Tiger Tiger.


Vegan foods continue to capture the attention of consumers as more products are appealing to a broader market in the most versatile ways. Fish-free filet, anyone?

Leading the Pack in the Vegan Trend: Good Catch Foods, Vegan Rob’s, Jica Chips, Maya Kaimal, and Nature’s All.

What topped our trends at SFFS16? Check out our video from the 2016 Summer Fancy Food Show.