When it comes to marketing in the food space, it is crucial to create meaningful content that separates you from your competitors. We’ve said this time and time again. One of the most straightforward, yet easy to overlook ways to do this is to create content that your customers want to see. Creating a beautiful print ad with eye-catching colors and nice graphics (while still important) is no longer enough.

Recently, we came up with several pieces for Vermont Creamery that were engaging and effective. Some of these materials included a cocktail and cheese pairing card as well as recipe booklets. These types of marketing collateral work well because they create a relationship between their cheese and other items in the kitchen. In that way, the cheese becomes more approachable, and it gives the consumer a reason to try both their cheese and a new recipe.

Think about it, how inclined are you to purchase a cheese named St. Albans? While intriguing (and delicious), the average consumer might not know what to do with it. But finding out it that pairs well with sour beer, granny smith apples and potato chips makes it less intimidating. Check out these images of the recipe books we were talking about below.

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