Why Hiring a Marketing Firm Now Will Save You Money Later

It takes a lot for a new food product to get noticed. From ensuring your packaging is appealing to consumers, breaking into the local market and beyond, or fighting for valuable shelf space - new food products face a series of challenges that often cannot be overcome without professional specialty foods marketing and design expertise.

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Top 5 Food Trends Staying on Your Plate: #5 Home-Made, by Anyone but You

Home-made, by Anyone but You

Its no secret that consumers value convenience in the top tiers of whats important to their buying and dining habits. “People want to cook fun and delicious meals at home, but many don't want to spend time searching for recipes and shopping for ingredients, according to a TODAY.com trends report.

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Top 5 Food Trends Staying on Your Plate: #4 Fresh Vegetables Get the Green Light

Fresh Vegetables Get the Green Light

As part of the health and wellness lifestyle trend consumers are naturally gravitating toward green vegetables and fruits, putting them in the limelight. Most people know that greens should be a major staple in their diet - but taste has often been a barrier. Delicious, and slightly sneaky options give consumers the nutritional benefits while masking the sometimes harsh flavor by hiding them in things like vegetable pastas, smoothies and juices. They keyword here? Fresh.

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Top 5 Food Trends Staying on Your Plate: #3 Rising Pulse in the Protein Market

Rising Pulse in the Protein Market

Packed with protein and nutrients, pulses are elevated when paired with delicious ingredients. You've likely already been eating these legumes for years - think: chickpeas, lentils, dried beans, and peas. In fact, the United Nations is so certain that pulses will peak in popularity that it has dubbed 2016 the International Year of Pulses (IYP).

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